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It's a Pleasure to Meet You!

Hi, and welcome to Always Epic Vacations, my name is Michael, and I am the founder of Always Epic Vacations. I grew up in Tennessee and my parents loved traveling, they took me and my sister to a new place every summer. My childhood was the most memorable time of my life. I will never forget going to the World's Fair in New York City back in the 60s, Niagara Falls, Montreal, and Toronto Canada. I rode in the car as we crossed the border into Canada, seeing the Thousand Islands as we crossed the St. Lawrence River. Visiting these places was the most adventurous and unforgettable experience. During college, I went to Europe to explore the architecture and culture of the Netherlands, Germany, England, France, and Switzerland. I continue to travel and explore all that the world has to offer. I love traveling and want you to enjoy and feel the excitement traveling brings. My aim is to help people explore new and thrilling places.

Specially Dedicated To 40+ Individuals or Groups

At Always Epic Vacations we believe that life starts at 40 and it is the perfect time to enjoy and explore the beauty of the world with your partner or friends. We specialize in arranging vacations and activities you want to enjoy to make sure your vacation becomes an unforgettable experience.

Why Choose Always Epic Vacations?
We make sure to make your vacations are epic. We start by asking you about your interests and the culture you are interested in. We combine research and traveling experience to find the perfect vacation spot for you. It doesn't stop here; we also plan the best activities and places to make sure your relish the whole experience.

The Best Thing About Always Epic Vacations
Always Epic Vacations is part of Dream Vacations, which is a powerhouse in the travel industry; our connections are vast. For you, this means benefits and travel perks. We always have an exclusive booking offer for you, whether it's a complimentary spa treatment, free Wi-Fi, or a vacation credit - and those are just a few of the value-added options that can be at your fingertips.

With these resources, we can plan your custom luxury getaway, exciting group tour, or your unforgettable river or ocean cruise.

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